2015 Bellingham BMBW

Beers Made By Walking taps four hike-inspired beers in Bellingham

Beers Made By Walking and the Whatcom Land Trust (WLT) announce the release of four new beers that are inspired by hikes around the Pacific NW. BMBW is a program that invites brewers to go on nature hikes and make new beer inspired by plants that are identified on the trail. During weekend of November 21, each brewery will serve their place-based beer at their respective taproom. Beers will be sold throughout the weekend by the pint, until they run out. A majority of the proceeds from the tapping will benefit WLT.

Every hike is unique and each beer that is produced is a unique, drinkable landscape portrait of the trail we hiked. These place-based beers were produced through a collaboration between BMBW and WLT after a series of public hikes, led by WLT, with local brewers throughout the summer. Participating brewers and that joined in on the hikes include: Aslan Brewing, Boundary Bay Brewery, Kulshan Brewing Company, and Stones Throw Brewing. Hikes took place at Canyon Lake Community Forest, Edfro Creek, and Stimpson Family Nature Reserve.

Beers Made By Walking Bellingham Tapping
November 21-22 /// Hours vary by individual taproom

Tap List and Beer Locations:

Boundary Bay Brewery - ESB with Elderberries
Served at Boundary Bay: 1107 Railroad Avenue, Bellingham 98225

Kulshan Brewing Company - Mountain Beaver Brown Ale
Tall trees and the green wet cascade descend upon you. You are you, in a clump of earth that remains after you are gone, and yet the earth changes as well. There is no constant but the constant tides of life, death, and rebirth. So, hike, explore, and meet your world – in the sun, in the rain, in despair and in joy. For all times, there is a beer.
Served at Kulshan Brewing - 2238 James Street, Bellingham 98225

Aslan Brewing - Hazelnut Brown Ale
Our brewmaster, Frank Trosset, went on a hike with a group of people along Edfro Creek to get inspired about making a drinkable art project. While on the hike he discovered one of our regions most beautiful natural crops, Hazelnuts. So here is a beer to celebrate that! Sweet and smooth with a delicate ballance of malt, hops and hazelnuts.
Served at Aslan Brewing - 1330 N Forest Street, Bellingham 98225

Stones Throw Brewing - Big Skip Brown
This beer has an inviting aroma, with subtle smokey overtones, deep red in color and has a delicate bite that is smooth to the finish. Named to honor the Head brewer of Kulshan Tom and his rock skipping abilities from July 11th 2015, The Beers Made By Walking Hike to the Community Forest off of the Mosquito Lake Road. 
Served at Boundary Bay Brewery - 1107 Railroad Avenue, Bellingham 98225