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Jul 4, 2014

Hike with Copper Kettle Brewing in Golden, CO!

Beers Made By Walking and Copper Kettle Brewing Company from Denver are teaming up for Colorado's first public hike of the year! The event will be at Mt. Galbraith Park near Golden, Colorado on July 27th. After the hike, you are invited to join the group at Cannonball Creek Brewing in Golden for a beer. If you are interested in joining this trek through the beautiful Rocky Mountains just outside of Denver, please be sure to join Copper Kettle's Facebook event page for the hike.

When: Sunday, July 27th, 10am-2pm

If you would like to carpool, meet at Copper Kettle at 9:15, or you can meet at the trailhead at 10.

Where: Mount Galbraith Park, 21992 Golden Gate Canyon Road, Golden, CO
              From State Highway 93, take Golden Gate Canyon Road west approx. 1.5 miles

What to Expect:
  • A moderate 4.9-mile hike that loops around the summit of the 7,260-foot peak
  • Lots of canyon views with ample opportunities to view wildlife
  • Loads of plant and beer knowledge
What to Bring
  • Water, snacks, and sun protection

Jun 29, 2014

Hiking with brewers in and around Bend, Oregon

In the late Spring we set out on a series of three hikes with three breweries from Bend, Oregon. We paired up with the Oregon Natural Desert Association (ONDA), an organization that we appreciate because of their commitment to Oregon wilderness protection. ONDA chose a number of hike locations based off various projects they are currently working on. While we were on the trail they pointed out large amounts of wild, native edibles. The hikes were all free and open to the public. Throughout the summer the three brewers will develop beers that are inspired by the landscapes they walked in.

Jun 9, 2014

Hike with brewers in Seattle!

Hike with Brewers in the Seattle area
Beers Made By Walking, a program that invites brewers to make beer inspired by plants on nature hikes, is teaming up with the Friends of the Cedar River Watershed in Seattle. Together we have created a three-part series of summer hikes with local breweries. The first hike will be on June 18th at Seward Park and will be attended by Brickyard Brewing and Epic Ales. The second hike will be in Discover Park on July 22nd and will be attended by Naked City Brewery and Fremont Brewing.

In addition to learning about water issues in the region, hikers will learn about the edible and medicinal plants that grow along the trail. These plants will inspire a series of beers that will serve as drinkable, landscape portraits of the trails that we walk. In the Fall, these beers will be available to the public and will serve as a fundraiser for the Friends of the Cedar River Watershed.

Hikes are free and open to the public, but registration is required. You can follow the Facebook Event Page for Seattle Area Beers Made By Walking Hikes to receive updates about hikes, beers, and more.

June 18 - Hike at Seward Park
Tickets: Sold Out!!
Description: Take a leisurely stroll in Seattle’s well known park. We’ll walk about 2.5-3 miles while stopping to talk about water and plants. The park is dog friendly, so feel free to bring them along.
When: Wednesday, June 18, 2:00 - 5:00 pm
Breweries: Epic AlesBrickyard Brewing

July 22 - Hike at Discovery Park
Tickets: Available Starting on July 15th
Description: Learn about water in the Seattle area and about the edible and medicinal plants that grow in Discovery Park. Chat with the brewers about their beer and see if you can convince them to use your favorite plant from the trail in their BMBW beer.
When: Tuesday, July 22, 2:00 - 5:00 pm
Breweries: Fremont BrewingNaked City Brewery
Join the FB Event Page for updates

September Hike - TBA
Join the FB Event Page for updates
September Hike /// TBA

Jun 4, 2014

Series of summer hikes with brewers in Forest Park, Portland

Hike with Brewers in Forest Park
Beers Made By Walking is collaborating with the Forest Park Conservancy in Portland, Oregon, to offer a series of local hikes throughout the summer and fall. Led by Forest Park Conservancy's Matt Wagoner and local brewers, these hikes will focus on edible and medicinal plants and inspire a series of beers that will serve as drinkable, landscape portraits of Forest Park and the surrounding area.

Hikes are free, but registration is required.
Tickets will become available approximately a week before each hike. You can follow the Facebook Event Page for Beers Made By Walking Hikes to receive updates about the program. Location and directions will be sent to registered guests.

Hike Schedule
Join the FB Event Page for updates
June 11 /// Sasquatch Brewing
July 03 /// Hopworks
August 17 /// Breakside, Coalition, and Harvester
September 06 /// Laurelwood and *Burnside

- - - - -

June 11 - Newton to Waterline
This hike will showcase the the heart of Forest Park, where the forest transitions from its more frequently visited urban side to the quiet solitude of the north end of the park. Hikers will get to see the contrast between the impacts of invasive species and the remnants of mature Doug Fir forests that once covered the west hills.

When: Wednesday, June 11, 3:00 - 6:00 pm
Tickets: Available here
Brewery: Sasquatch Brewing

- - - - -

July 03 / Ancient Forest Preserve
Embark on a Beer Walk through the towering trees of Forest Park Conservancy's Ancient Forest Preserve. This hike will focus on old growth forest characteristics, edible/medicinal plants, and how plants are used to make beer. Along the way, learn how wild yeast was harvested for brewing a unique beer for the Beers Made By Walking program.
When: Thursday, July 3rd, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Where: A 20 minute drive from downtown Portland, north of Forest Park.
Tickets: Available here
Brewery: Hopworks Urban Brewery

- - - - -

August 17 / Cascade Views
A hike that showcases a variety of terrain in Forest Park, from open shrubland to cool creek valleys. Part of the Beers Made by Walking Program, this hike will focus on edible/medicinal plants and their application in beer making. Hikers will join brewers from three Portland breweries as they explore summer vegetation.
When: Sunday, August 17th, 1:00 - 4:00pm
Tickets: Tickets will become available here on Fri. August 8th.
What to Expect:
  • A view of Cascade mountain peaks (hopefully)
  • A 4 mile hike with 1400 ft elevation gain
Brewery: Breakside Brewery, Coalition Brewing, Harvester Brewing

- - - - -

September 06 / Wildwood North
This event will lead hikers along the northern end of Forest Park’s iconic Wildwood Trail. One of the more ecologically healthy areas of Forest Park, hikers will see a wide variety of edible/medicinal plants here and learn how brewers use them to make beer.

When: Saturday, September 6th, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Tickets: Tickets will become available here on Fri. August 29th.
Brewery: Laurelwood Brewing, *Burnside Brewing

*Recently added brewery

May 9, 2014

Beers Made By Walking 2014

Beers Made By Walking is coming back for another exciting year of hiking, learning, brewing, and drinking. This year we are working more directly with environmental organizations to build public, free, educational walking programs that are accompanied by local brewers.

Very soon we will announce hikes in Portland, Bend, and Eugene, Oregon. We will also have an exciting program involving Seattle. We are building a wild yeast component into the program by working with breweries to find and use wild yeast and bacteria in some local parks. We've already done some testing, with our pals at Thunder Island Brewing, and we are very excited to share the results. And as always, we'll have a large Beers Made By Walking festival in Denver during the week of the Great American Beer Festival.

We look forward to sharing that information with you in the coming weeks. Stay tuned by receiving our email updates, and connect with us on our Facebook page!

May 8, 2014

Sign Up For Public Hikes With Brewers In Bend, Oregon!

Beers Made By Walking is happy to announce a series of hikes in collaboration with the Oregon Natural Desert Association in Bend, Oregon. The hikes will be attended by the public, and brewers from Crux Fermentation Project, Deschutes Brewery, and Worthy Brewing Co.

The hikes are a part of the educational programming for the Oregon Natural Desert Association. Hike-goers will learn about the natural history of the area we hike through, learn about the flora, and spend time hiking with the brewers.

Sign up for the hikes!

Tues. May 20th hike - 9am - with Crux Fermentation Project
Tickets are free:

Thurs. May 22nd hike - 9am - with Deschutes Brewery
Tickets are free:

Mon. June 9 - 9am - with Worthy Brewing
Tickets are free:
Location: Badlands

May 7, 2014

Sign up for the Ancient Forest Preserve Hike in Portland!

Beers Made By Walking and Forest Park Conservancy have partnered to create a series of public, educational hikes, each month, over the next year. Hikes will be accompanied by a brewer from one of the region’s many local breweries. Hikers will learn about the park, the area’s natural history, and the edible and medicinal plants along the trail. The plants will be used as inspiration for a series of beers that serve as drinkable, landscape portraits of Forest Park and the surrounding area.

The first hike is on May 24th, from 3-6pm and will be accompanied by Daniel Hynes of Thunder Island Brewing. Hynes has attended a series of scouting hikes and has collected wild yeast in the Ancient Forest, a property owned by the Forest Park Conservancy. Hikers will have the opportunity to sample five different strains, collected from five different areas of the park.

May 6, 2014

Call for Interns

Beers Made By Walking is a program that organizes innovative, and artisanal, beer events and programs in the Pacific Northwest and in Colorado. We have worked with over 45 breweries including Deschutes, New Belgium, Crooked Stave, Upright, Boulder Beer and others. Specifically, we invite brewers to go on nature hikes and urban walks, to make beer inspired by plants found on local trails. We raise money for local, environmental non-profit organizations through our events. We work directly with breweries, pubs, and a variety of outdoor organizations to create experiential and educational programming opportunities. We are a small operation, but we have received national attention in All About Beer, Draft, NPR, Outside Magazine, and we are making room for growth.

About the position
The Creative Communications Intern position is an unpaid position that will last from May until November, 2014. The position involves aspects of marketing, design, social media, event planning, and logistics. The candidate can expect to work a reasonably flexible 5 hours per week, in addition to a weekly 30-minute recap meeting that can be conducted online (or in person if in Portland, OR). Daytime, weekday, availability is preferred over weekend and evening availability. There may be a few times where the candidate will work a longer week due to our events. The position can be executed remotely. Preference might be granted to people living in Oregon, Seattle, or Denver.