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Apr 23, 2014

Beers Made By Walking 2014

Beers Made By Walking is coming back for another exciting year of hiking, learning, brewing, and drinking. This year we are working more directly with environmental organizations to build public, free, educational walking programs that are accompanied by local brewers.

Very soon we will announce hikes in Portland, Bend, and Eugene, Oregon. We will also have an exciting program involving Seattle. We are building a wild yeast component into the program by working with breweries to find and use wild yeast and bacteria in some local parks. We've already done some testing, with our pals at Thunder Island Brewing, and we are very excited to share the results. And as always, we'll have a large Beers Made By Walking festival in Denver during the week of the Great American Beer Festival.

We look forward to sharing that information with you in the coming weeks. Stay tuned by receiving our email updates, and connect with us on our Facebook page!

Dec 9, 2013

Read about Beers Made By Walking on NPR!

Beers Made By Walking received some attention on NPR and Oregon Public Broadcast throughout our working season. We were honored to be mentioned on these sites, so we would like to direct your attention to the articles.

View the NPR article.
Beers Made By Walking was featured on the NPR Food Blog in an article titled "Forget Barley And Hops: Craft Brewers Want A Taste Of Place" by Alistair Bland. The article highlights breweries that forage for ingredients, and they include information about my program, and some quotes from an interview.

View the full OPB article.
Cassandra Profita, from Oregon Public Broadcast's Ecotrope series, recently joined us on a hike for Beers Made By Walking and wrote an editorial titled "Forest Park Trail Inspires Local Beer Made With Native Plants." The article features information about the Portland set of hikes, the history of the program, information about Forest Park, and a sampling of the beers that were available for Portland Beer Week.

Oct 30, 2013

Beers Made By Walking at 16 Tons in Eugene on Nov. 14th

Beers Made By Walking - Eugene
Thurs. Nov. 14th / 5-9pm
16 Tons /  265 E. 13th, Eugene

Two of the breweries that participated in this year's Oregon-based Beers Made By Walking are from Eugene. We didn't want Eugene to miss out on the BMBW action, so we decided to round up a few of the delicious beers from last weekend and send them down to 16 Tons for a special tap takeover. Each beer in this program is inspired by plants found on nature walks in Oregon. Check out our series of sneak peeks that we've posted, along with the exclusive preview on the New School for further details about each beer.

A portion of the proceeds of this event will be donated to Nearby Nature, a non-profit organization in Eugene that is dedicated to getting children, adults, families, and teachers outdoors for nature walks, day camps, restoration projects, workshops and more.

Here's what we'll see at 16 Tons:
  • Agrarian Ales (Eugene) - Golden Rose - Belgian-Style Golden Ale with rose hips 
  • Claim 52 Brewing (Eugene) - Gose Coastal - Gose with yarrow, racked onto Oregon huckleberries, and served with a side of Porcini salt.
  • Coalition Brewing (Portland) - Martha Mary Melissa - Golden Ale with Rosemary, Melissa Mint, and help from Martha Stewart
  • Hopworks Urban Brewery (Portland) - Bagby Belgian-Style Red Ale - Mildly sour Red Ale with Vanilla Leaf 
  • Laurelwood Brewing (Portland) - Condensate - Steam Beer with Red Cedar Tips
  • Standing Stone Brewing (Ashland) - Beers Made By Walking Hyatt - Braggot-esque beer with Yarrow and Saint John's Wort
  • Upright Brewing (Portland) - The BMBW Seven - Farmhouse Ale aged with Elderberry and Elderflower

Oct 19, 2013

Sneak Peek #02 for Oregon BMBW: Claim 52 Brewing

Today we continue our series of sneak peeks for the Oregon Beers Made By Walking tapping. If you're unfamiliar with how Beers Made By Walking works, here's a little recap - We invite brewers to go on nature walks and make new beer inspired by edible plants they find on the trail. Each beer becomes a drinkable look into the specific place that inspired it's creation.

Our last preview featured Standing Stone Brewing, their hike in Ashland, and information about their beer, which will have Saint John's Wort and Yarrow. For this preview, we'll head north on I-5 to Eugene's Claim 52 Brewing. Claim 52 is one of Oregon's newest breweries, they operate a small 3.5bbl brewhouse so they are able to test out experimental batches of beer on a regular basis. The beer they made for the BMBW program is super exciting and outlandish in a great way. Read more about it below, and look for the beer on tap at our ten-brewery BMBW event at Belmont Station, in Portland, on October 26. It will also be available in Eugene, at 16 Tons, on a November date that is TBA.

Oct 17, 2013

Sneak Peek #01 for Oregon BMBW: Standing Stone Brewing

At the end of July, four Standing Stone Brewing employees set out on a hike to the Hyatt Reservoir to scout out some edible and medicinal plants to use in a brew for the Beers Made By Walking program. The team included server Meg Dias, brewing assistant Sarah Forga (and her dog Mickey), brewing intern Alex Holman, and brewer Larry Chase. This Southern Oregon hike included portions of the Pacific Crest Trail around the lake. This time of the year, it's really not fair to hike without a good swim before turning around. The Standing Stone crew had packed a lunch, took a swim, and did some canoeing while they were there.

Finding potential brewing ingredients was first on the Standing Stone agenda. The hike was led by Michael Altman, a certified nutritionist and a registered, peer-reviewed professional member of the American Herbalists Guild. He pointed out a number of potential plants including mint from the genus Agastache, yarrow, elderflower, poor man's pepper, and St. John's Wort.

Oct 14, 2013

Oct. 26th Beers Made By Walking Tapping in Portland, Oregon

Beers Made By Walking - Portland
Sat. October 26th / 12pm-close / Brewers present from 2-4pm
Belmont Station / 4500 SE Stark St. Portland
Pay Per Beer
Facebook Event

Throughout the summer, nine breweries across the state of Oregon have participated in walks for the Beers Made By Walking program. Our challenge to the brewers is to take a hike, identify edible and medicinal plants along the trail and use the plants as inspiration for a new brew. These nine beers will be available for one day only in Portland, on October 26th, at Belmont Station. The beers will be on tap all day, and some of the brewers will be available to chat from 2-4pm.

Each beer in this series is innovative in that they are drinkable landscape portraits of areas throughout Oregon. You'll get to taste a portrait of the Pacific Crest Trail in Ashland, neighborhood trails in Eugene, the Wildwood Trail in Portland's forest park, an urban neighborhood in Southeast Portland, among others.

We are very happy to announce that this year, a part of the proceeds from the event will be donated to Oregon Walks. Oregon Walks is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to making walking conditions safe, convenient, and attractive throughout the Portland metro region. As walkers in this city, we appreciate the work they do.

A list of participating brewers
Agrarian Ales
Claim 52
*Fort George Brewery
Standing Stone
Thunder Island Brewing

*Newly Added

Oct 3, 2013

Full list of beers for October 8th!

Beers Made By Walking is right around the corner, this Tuesday, October 8th at Wynkoop Brewing. As Denver begins to transform itself into a mega palace for craft beer, we thought we'd draw your attention to the landscape itself, with seventeen beers that gained their inspiration from hiking trails around the state. We're wrapping up some of our final details and we realized that we have information for nearly all of the beers that will be a part of our event. So, without further ado, have a look at this impressive beer list! If you want to make sure you get to try these beers, you will want to buy your tickets in advance.

Boulder Beer / Spirit Guide / Stout brewed with Chokecherry, Dandelion, Milk Thistle, and Echinacea. 7% ABV.

Crooked Stave / Colorado Wild Sage / Vielle Barrel-Aged Saison with fresh cuttings of Colorado Wild Sage. 4.2% ABV

Elevation / Last Run / A bright, citrusy, hoppy blonde ale brewed with a hand-made extract composed of wild red currants. 5% ABV.

Fate / WILD Flower Honey Wheat / Classic American Wheat brewed with honey, Summit hops, and Brettanomyces.

Grimm Brothers / Kinder Beer / Bohemian-Style Pilsner blended with wild raspberries picked while hiking near near Mt Bierdstadt.

Mountain Sun Pub / Achilles Field / A Saison that highlights the earthy flavors and aromas of Yarrow, which grows all over Denver. 5.6% ABV.

New Belgium / Mint Mild / A take on the English Mild Style, using mint to provide subtle herbal balance to its malty backbone. 4.5% ABV

Our Mutual Friend and Cerebral / Urban Flora / Saison brewed with fresh Denver dandelion greens and hand-toasted sunflower seeds. 6.9% BV.

Paradox / Wild Chokecherry Sour / Created using a Sour Mash technique, the tartness of the wild chokecherries is balanced with locally sourced honey and wild hops. 7.5% ABV.

Phantom Canyon / Electric Eye / A 50/50 blend of two Saisons, aged for one year. One Saison is our previous BMBW offering brewed with three-leaf sumac and rose hips. The other, contains hibiscus flowers, galangal, lemon and orange zest.

Pikes Peak / Currantly in Colorado / Imperial Brown Porter brewed with Golden Currants, based on a hike near the Palmer Lake Reservoir. 6.5% ABV.

Strange / Noah's D'Ark / A Belgian Dark brewed with wild hops and prickly pear cactus fruit harvested along Clear Creek and Bear Creek, after the floods. 6.5% ABV.

Three Barrel / TBA

Twisted Pine / Flatirons Vista Wit / A light, crisp Witbier brewed with White Nectarines, inspired by fruit discovered on the Flatirons Vista Trail in Boulder.

Wit’s End / Killer Rabbit / A blonde Belgian ale made with Rabbit Brush form the South Platte River trail in Denver, with local Rabbit Brush Honey. 6.5% ABV.

Wynkoop / Blau Bär / A lager infused with raspberries, thyme and blue gummy bears. Inspired by the large blue bear in front of the convention center in Denver. 4.2% ABV.

Yak & Yeti / Needles! / Colonial-style spruce beer, with Colorado blue-spruce tips, aged on cedar. The beer was inspired by a hike near Buffalo Bill's Grave in Golden, CO. 7.9% ABV.

Tues. October 8th / 5-8pm 
Wynkoop Brewing / 1634 18th St. Denver
$30 for unlimited samples
Buy your tickets now

Beers Made By Walking is sponsored by Wynkoop, and Denver's Westword.

Oct 2, 2013

Sneak Peek #05 - Fate, Our Mutual Friend, and Cerebral - a few of Colorado's newest breweries

For our final sneak preview of this Tuesday's Beers Made By Walking event we wanted to show you how some of Colorado's newest breweries are creating beer that is inspired by their local scenery. Fate Brewing and Our Mutual Friend are only one year old, give or take a month or two, and are among the youngest breweries to be a part of this program. Cerebral Brewing isn't even an official brewery yet, but they worked with the crew at Our Mutual Friend to create a collaborative beer. Let's take a look at their hikes, and how the landscape influenced the beers that they made.