2017 Corvallis Beers Made By Walking

Beers Made By Walking Hikes in Corvallis, OR.
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This Spring Greenbelt Land Trust is partnering with Beers Made By Walking and two Corvallis breweries to explore the prairies, forests, and streams of the Willamette Valley, utilizing the fertile Valley soils and abundant flowers, grasses, and herbs as inspiration for the brewing process.

Through two guided walks, the public can visit with local brewers and learn about regional botany. The walks are on May 13th with Sky High Brewing, and May 27th with Mazama Brewing.

Founded in 2011 by Eric Steen, Beers Made By Walking partners a local environmental organization with area brewers to journey out into nature in search of inspiration or ingredients. Brewers are well familiar with the standard menu of ingredients – hops, malt, yeast – but this program broadens the horizon of possible brewing additions, from herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables they might encounter along the trail. Alongside botanists, brewers explore the world at their feet during these walk, using the flora as inspiration for the brewing process. The program has yielded over 100 place-based beers, with some interesting varietals, including the use of ingredient like lemonbalm, sage, fescue, juniper, wheatgrass, and wild ricegrass.

“I hope that this program gives drinkers a sense of place, get people outdoors, do something creative, and think about our local landscapes in new ways. Place is one of the only things we really have to connect with the world. I think beer that echoes that mindset is beautiful, because you can feel an attachment to it in a way that is different than a beer that doesn’t have a sense of place,” says Steen.

“We are always trying to look at the land through different lenses – from history, to art and geology ... and beer! This unique opportunity to walk the land and inspect the plants in our own backyards enables us to think about how nature inspires us all. And, how often does one get the opportunity to go for a walk with their favorite brewer?” says Jessica McDonald, Associate Director with Greenbelt Land Trust.

Saturday, May 13th, 9am-12pmGreenbelt Land Trust walk at Lupine Meadows, with Sky High Brewing

Saturday, May 27th, 9am-12pmGreenbelt Land Trust walk at Owens Farm, with Mazama Brewing

Details available at: www.greenbeltlandtrust.org

Details TBA