Raleigh Sneak Peek #01 - G2B and Southern Pines

Nasturtiums Ready for Brewing
We recently announced that Beers Made By Walking is featured in the coming All About Beer Magazine World Beer Festival in Raleigh on Saturday, April 11. We worked with a handful of NC breweries to create place-based beer for the festival. We wanted to give a couple sneak previews of the beers that will be available at our component of the festival. This preview highlights G2B Restaurant & Brewery and Southern Pines Brewing Company.

G2B Restaurant & Brewery

G2B Restaurant & Brewery is a new establishment in Durham that brings together creative and innovative American cuisine with some of the best craft beers around the world. This establishment recently added a nanobrewery to its operations in order to really push the envelope on its offerings as well as be able to pair specific beers with food through in-house communication and development.

Andrew Christenbury, the head brewer at G2B, ventured out with his family to Umstead Park in Raleigh to draw inspiration for a new beer. Having spotted some flowers that reminded him of Nasturtiums, he envisioned a hefeweizen brewed with these local flowers. This reflection of springtime in North Carolina calls to flora available early in the year and really works nicely for a small-batch experimental brew in April.

Young members of the Southern Pines family frolicking through Boyd Tract

Southern Pines Brewing Company

Southern Pines Brewing Co decided to go for a walk in a local nature preserve, the Boyd tract, which is part of Weymouth Woods – Sandhills Nature Preserve. To take an excerpt from the brewery's blog concerning its walk, “This plot of land is special to us here at the brewery because the tree in our logo is a picture of one of the longleaf pines on the Boyd tract. It had been almost 2 years since we last went walking down the sandy trails, and the Beers Made By Walking program provided the perfect excuse to get out and enjoy a beautiful day in the woods with family.”

Southern Pines created an English IPA focusing on earthy, resinous, and floral flavors. The base malt is from North Carolina grown Farmboy Farms and the yeast is a blend that integrates a native yeast strain isolated from peach blossoms with the goal to create the smell of spring in Southern Pines.