CO Sneak Preview #4: Elevation and TRVE

Photo courtesy of Elevation Beer Co.
Today we continue our series of sneak peeks for the Denver Beers Made By Walking Festival. Beers Made By Walking invites brewers to go on nature hikes and make beer inspired by the plants that are found along the trail. This preview will detail the hikes that Elevation Beer Company and TRVE Brewing Company embarked upon to find inspiration as well as what you can expect to taste at our October 3rd Fest in Denver.

Elevation Beer Company ventured out into Marshall Pass and Waterdog Lakes in Chaffee County, CO for their BMBW brew. Noticing how rampant Porcini mushrooms grow in the late summer, Elevation decided to utilize these King Boletes, classified as Boletes Edulis, in context with a pale ale wort. Cutting, slicing, and cleaning these mushrooms, the crew decided to steep them in the post-fermentation beer to bring out a strong nutty flavor while also extracting the nutrients Thiamine, Niacin, Vitamin C, B6 and B9. This pale ale turned tonic will be one of the more unusual beers available at the Denver fest and will complement Scratch's Black Trumpet Milk Stout as the two mushroom-beers available.

Photo Courtesy of TRVE Brewing Co.

TRVE recently leased a secondary location where they'll produce more sour beers. These alchemists dubbed the space the "Acid Temple," in line with their metal personality. They also decided to brew a wild ale for BMBW, utilizing a Pale Ale wort and aging it in white wine barrels, Palisade Peaches and wild sage have been added and the beer was fermented with two different wild yeasts cultivated from the skins of fruit. The beer was inspired by a hike up to Hanging Lake on the way back from a trip to Glenwood Springs, near Palisade. While peaches were a give-in, brewer Zach Coleman noticed the striking amount of sage on the trail and devised the idea for this brew.

We are excited to try these beers, along with over 30 other place-based beers, at our Beers Made By Walking Festival on October 3rd in Denver. The event takes place during the weekend of the Great American Beer Festival. Tickets are $40 for unlimited access to the BMBW beers and many of the brewers will be pouring their own beers. More details, including a list of participating breweries, is here. We hope to see you there!

Beers Made By Walking / GABF 2014 Friday, October 3rd /// 12 - 4pm
Wynkoop Brewing /// 1634 18th St. Denver