A Sneak Peek at Tuesday's BMBW Beers!

We thought we'd give you a top-secret look at Denver the Beers Made By Walking program. Upon looking at this list we got pretty excited and we have a really hard time keeping secrets. These ten beers will be served for one night only at Wynkoop Brewing, on Oct. 9th from 5-8pm.

Here we go!

Crooked Stave - Foragester Sai-bucha - A blend of three beers with jasmine kombucha tea, linen flowers, and wild grapes.

Oskar Blues - Opuntia Zytha - Our brew is a Golden Ale made with prickly pear cactus and fresh hops picked out of Charlie Papazian's yard.

Lone Tree - High Plains Harvest Brown - Brown Ale with whiskey soaked pumpkin seeds and orange blossom honey.

Phantom Canyon - Sundance Saison - A balanced and clean Saison made with rose hips and sumac.

Pikes Peak - Dances with Bees - Inspired by a hike to Palmer Lake Reservoir, a golden honey ale with sunflower seeds.

Pikes Peak - Kriekenstein - A 4% sour mash Kriek with chokecherry.

Ska Brewing - Cerveza de las Animas Perdidas - A dry and fruity Saison spiced with juniper, yarrow, and chokecherries, inspired by the Animas River in Durango.

Strange - Eldorado Bel-Gin Dark - Brewed with juniper berries and pineapple weed this Belgian Dark Ale is the color of the canyon walls along Eldorado Creek.

Trinity - Saison Du Tomme - Light bodied Saison with rose hips and amaranth from the hike, also added is lemongrass and grains of paradise.

Wynkoop - Oishi Gochiso - A light lager made with pacific rim hops and a blend of spices and tea inspired by our urban walk.