Upright Brewing's Beer Will Feature Yarrow and Rose

We are big fans of Upright Brewing in Portland, Oregon and we were honored when brewer Alex Ganum became the first in Oregon to be a part of Beers Made By Walking. He went on a hike with Amy Harwood, a local environmental enthusiast and activist, up to Gordon Creek Timber Sale and walked on the Larch Mountain trail system in the watershed for Corbett.

We checked in on him earlier this week and while we were there he added rose petals and yarrow to a beer (see photo above). The beer has been sitting in a barrel for a couple months and we sampled it, and I must say it's going to taste wonderful. The base is the Upright Four, a light Saison with wheat. The barrel it is sitting in contributes some nice delicate funkiness from the Brettanomyces yeast sitting in the barrel and there are some nice fruity lemon and honey notes as well. The yarrow and rose petals will be a wonderful addition.
This is Alex in the brewery, and in the photo below he is adding some rose petals to the barrel. The beer will be available on October 20th during the special BMBW tapping, along with other special beers from Deschutes, Flat Tail, Standing Stone, and Coalition Brewing.